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with nature.

We as humans are curious creatures. We explore and experience much of what planet earth has to offer.
The impact of our indulgence has put our planet at risk. The biggest threat of all being the livelihood of our oceans.
Its important to know that the solutions to this threat are in the hands of each and every one of us.

Leave no trace.

Suud originated out of the minds of surfers and their love for the ocean.
When traveling to the far corners of the planet in search of perfect waves it’s hard not to leave behind a trace.
So began the search for eco-friendly alternatives and creative solutions to make a change and inspire others to take action.

The oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and are our major source of Oxygen. Just that is enough to understand the vital importance of the oceans’ well being.
The ocean is also home to 95% of all life on Earth, however, scientists say by 2035 all sea life could be gone.

Overfishing, acidification, plastic pollution, and climate change are only a few of the reasons for the diminishment of biodiversity in the ocean. It has never before been more vital for us to take action and make a change. Overpopulation remains one of the biggest factors within the imbalance the natural world as we know it. In a positive light, now that we have the numbers, we also have the power to push back on political and economical players that control the output of consumer products, ultimately destroying our oceans.

The solutions.

Though there is no one simple solution to save our oceans, there are things we can do every day to work towards a positive change. Our daily choices are what moulds the world around us, what we buy, what we consume and how much we waste. The industry will only supply what the consumer needs and wants. If the need shifts to eco-friendly alternatives, the industry will adapt.

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