The +1 campaign.

When speaking of the state of our oceans everything is referred to in numbers.

500 billion plastic bottles, 1 trillion plastic bags, 1 billion toothbrushes.

The +1 campaign is there to remind us, these are not just numbers…every 1 counts.

+1 reusable water bottle can keep over 30 plastic bottles a month out of the ocean.
+1 reusable grocery bag can keep over 60 plastic bags a month out of the ocean.

Every action you take to protect the ocean makes you ‘+1’ person making a difference.

How to make a difference?

One by one…

Be a


Stay tuned. We have some exciting projects coming your way.

Coming soon…

Every bag counts campaign

A fun project to put an end to plastic bags.

Suud pods

A look inside the Suud eco pop-up shops.

+1 Water bottles

+1 refill is one less plastic bottle in the world.

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