Pop up.

Ocean awareness…

A look inside the Suud pod concept.

The idea.

Ever found yourself at a popular outdoor location in dire need of drinking water, where the only option is plastic bottled water at the nearby shop? We are on the lookout for these spots to place our pop up pods. Here you can refill your water bottles, grab a snack, hat, sunscreen or even a coffee. All plastic free. And if you don’t have a reusable water bottle, you can purchase one there!  

You will walk out feeling inspired to:


You don’t have to eat less or have less fun. Simply be conscious about the products you buy and their packaging.


Water bottles, coffee cups, shopping bags, straws,cutlery. These are items we use daily so keep them close.


Our trash is valuable. Lets keep it out the landfills and coeans.

The concept.

With the use of an up-cycled shipping container, the pod will not only showcase its core idea but also be mobile. The pods can be moved to locations dependant on season and activities.


Products sold will be dependent on the location and surrounding activities. For example if near a skate park, products will be eco-friendly, skating related. 

Feel free to inquire our latest developments on the concept and locations. We are open to colaborations and or any location suggestions.

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