The time is now…

A list of actions to form part of the solution.

Getting involved.

There are many ways we can get involved to make a positive change.  Whether it’s joining a beach cleanup or just changing the way you do things in your every day. Below is a list of actions that can help.

At home.

Plant trees

Eat less beef

Unplug your devices

Eat organic

Line dry clothes

Change to CFL or LED lights

Set your boiler to 50 degrees Celcius

Get politically active

Strike school for climate

Conserve water

Reduce the use of harmful chemicals

Take shorter showers


On the go.

Drive less

Take the bus or train

Fly direct

Ride a bike

Join a beach cleanup

Share a cab

Protect wildlife

Educate others

Switch off lights when you leave

Combine multiple errands into one trip

Save paper, print less

Offset your C02 emissions



Avoid single-use plastics

Buy loose fruit & veg

Support local

Don’t buy fast fashion

Look for energy star products

Quality products last longer

Become aware of resources

Buy recycled products

Cut down on processed foods

Cut down on chemical cleaners

Use reusable shopping bag

Buy used rather than new

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